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            Pure serenity. Taba is known for its postcard material scenery and its tranquil coastlines. It stands on the border of Egypt and Israel and is intact by mass tourism, which makes it a favorite destination for those who are in need of an escapade. Our world-class hotels overlook the Red Sea Rivera’s paramount view, featuring crystal clear turquoise waters merging with auburn mountains that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

Look no further than your doorstep to find spectacular coral reefs. Snorkeling along Taba’s beautiful coast, surrounded with fascinating mountains and sandy beaches, is the ultimate activity. Diving in Taba offers you a chance to witness rare species, including frogfishes and seahorses, most of which can be found at Pharaoh’s Island. Topaz and Coral City are also well known diving sites that are worth the trip. Snorkeling or diving in these locations will leave you with unforgettable memories.  

If you can’t get enough of the water, several watersport activities are available, including, among others, water-skiing, wind and kite surfing, and parasailing. If you want to unwind and still be able to enjoy Taba’s marine life, take a tour on a glass-bottom boat and indulge. Taba’s landscape offers great scenery to be explored by camels, 4x4 jeeps, and also by hiking and trekking. Through this, you will get to learn more about its rich history and see its unique fauna and flora.

            Appetizing meals are offered in our hotels and nightly entertainment is limited in order to protect Taba’s serene habitat.

So as not to underestimate Taba’s worth, make time and come see what you thought only millionaires get to see.

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Egypt is a magnificent museum of astounding monuments and temples, celebrating (honoring) 7,000 years of history and legends. Cruise along the legendry Nile, the longest river in the world, and discover the miraculous works of pharaohs. An unusual tour of the Egyptian western Desert – visit ancient oases and sleep under the stars in mysterious landscapes. Uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt in the temples and tombs of the pharaohs. Snorkel or scuba dive in the pristine reefs of the Red Sea. A visit to the magical ancient cities of Luxor, Aswan and Cairo…Climb the biblical Mount Sinai. Few others offer such an extensive exploration of this incredible country, and we do it in deluxe style.