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A - What Kind of Clothes should I get?
Bring one or two dressy outfits along for the evenings out and especially for parties and special occasions and just to get out of your tour outfit. On Board the Nile Cruise : During the day time while conducting the tour wear what ever you really like. Due to the exposure to the extreme heat, it is recommended you wear light clothes such as t-shirts and shorts during the day.

B - How much money should I bring?
Bring on some US cash that you change in Egypt, 150 US $ per week is a good amount, but also have a credit card handy all the times. Unless you are planning on making a major purchase then take that in consideration.

C - What Currency should I bring?
The best conversion rates in Egypt are for the US dollar, so make sure to bring your cash in US, however, most major currencies are exchanged in Egypt but not with a good rate as the US dollar.

D - Are Credit Cards acceptable everywhere?
Most major stores accept credit cards and all 5 Star hotels accept credit cards, However if you are planning on purchasing products from any local market ,you will need cash. Also, not all grocery stores accept credit cards.

E - Is Tap water safe to drink in Egypt?
Tap water in any country is always different to what you are used to, so always drink bottled water.

F - Is food very spicy?
No, food is not very spicy. Food is very tasty but not as spicy as Indian food.

G - What things would be the best to buy from Egypt?
Well, most travelers buy little hand made crafts , hand made carpets as well as normal carpets ,Gold and Silver Jewelry , Key chains with their names written in both their language and in Hieroglyphics ,Perfumes ( concentrates and Oil) etc.. The List is endless

H - How much should I tip in Egypt?
Tipping is normal in Egypt like everywhere else where tipping is not included in the Bill, Tipping should be a 10 % of Bill. Also tipping your driver is always appreciated and also tipping your guide at the end of the tour is something that will make his or her day. Always have small cash on you for tipping.

I - Do I have to confirm my flight before departure?
Yes, you have to confirm your flight 48 hrs prior to departure ,except if you are traveling on Stand by .However , if you are staying at a 5 Star Hotel ,the front desk could do that for you .Also your guide could help with that as well .

J - How much Egyptian money can I bring back?
It is not allowed for visitors to import or export more than 1000 Egyptian pounds. The limit is 1000 pounds in cash money.

K - Do I need to get a visitor visa before I go to Egypt?
You can get your visa upon entering the country, you have to purchase the stamp and provide it to the custom officer. However, citizens of the following countries are required to be in possession of a pre-arrival visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chechnya, Croatia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Lebanon, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, The Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sri-Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and all African countries.

Visa rules are subject to change. Please consult us or the Egyptian Embassy in your country prior to your travel plans.

L l- How far is Alexandria from Cairo?
Alexandria is a 2 hour drive from Cairo, there are two major roads that link the two cities (the Desert Road and the Local Inter Cities Road).

M - How Far is Luxor and Aswan from Cairo?
Luxor is a 9 hour Train ride and Aswan is a 12 hour Train ride. Another alternative is taking a domestic flight, which takes approximately 1 hour from Cairo

N - Can I change anything in my trip?
In order to change anything in you trip, please contact us for details. If you are in Egypt, you can organize changes with your guide.

O - What's the best time to visit Egypt?
Egypt has an amazing weather that makes it a vacation country throughout the whole year; July and August are warmer than the rest of the year.

P - What should I do in Case of an emergency?
You should contact our company, your guide ,or your respective Embassy in Cairo .If this is an emergency in regard to theft then you should contact the tourism police which could be contacted from any hotel or at all tourist sites.

Q - What should I do in case of a medical emergency?
Private hospitals are your best solution. Always bring receipts and follow the directions of your travel insurance company.

R - What if I miss my flight coming to Egypt?
Our agents understand that this is always a possibility since a great deal of our customers are from the Interline community and are always traveling on Stand by. So then our agent will wait for the next flight coming from the same country you are coming from, the best thing is to inform us immediately by phone so that we can direct our agent to an updated time of arrival. Your program gets moved if you miss a day and adjustments will take place according to each situation.

S - Is taking pictures allowed everywhere?
No, there are some sites where you are not allowed to take pictures due to the effect on the quality of colors of a site, this is only in few restricted sites.

T - What is the Value of the Egyptian Pound?
1 US dollar is approximately 5.5 Egyptian Pounds. Please consult the currency converter for updated conversion rates.

U - How Far is Cairo International Airport from downtown?
Cairo airport is located 22 KM to the south east of the city, you trip should takes around 30 to 45 Minutes. , make sure to leave your hotel at least three hours before departure. There are two terminals in Cairo airport. All Egypt-air flights and domestic flight depart from terminal one, while all other airlines depart from terminal two.

V - What are the Egyptian Custom's regulations?
You are allowed to bring 250 grams of tobacco, two cartons of cigarettes, one litre of alcohol and personal stuff. If you are planning to bring your own pet make sure you have a veterinary health certificate and it should include a valid rabies certificate.

W - How can I pay all extra cost on my Nile Cruise?
All extras such as drinks, laundry, bills, telephones bills, will be settled at the last day of the cruise at check out time. Payment can be made with credit cards, travelers check, or cash. All cruise boats don't accept personal checks! Make sure you have enough cash, just incase your card is not working probably.

X - How many terminals are there in Cairo International airport?
There are 2 Main terminals, Terminal One for Egypt Air and Terminal 2 for all International Flights.

Y - Where will your agent or guide meet us?
Our agent will meet you upon arrival inside the Custom Hall and will assist you with formalities.

Z - Who are you ?
Well, we are a Canadian based company, specialized in arranging trips to Egypt and have been in Business for 9 years .We started in 1999.Today, we offer our service worldwide and we have gained customers appreciation and respect from all over the world.