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Desert Explorer

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Day 1: Morning Departure from Cairo. Arrival at Bahariya Oasis. Tour The Oasis. Overnight in Hotel.

  • Departure from Cairo 7:30 am.
  • After arrival to Bahariya oases (1 pm) check in the camp, take lunch.
  • In the afternoon take a tour around the oases (Salt lake, Bir al-Ghaba, Hot and Cold spring), sunset on English mountain.

Day 2: Drive to the Black Desert. Continue on to White Desert after lunch. Camp in the White Desert

  • After breakfast drive by 4x4 vehicle from Bahariya oases to Black Desert, there climb the Black mountain to see the desert from birds-eye view.
  • Cross the Black Desert to al-Haiz (small oases 55km from Bahariya oases, its name is taken from the pebbles which are sprinkled on the surface like burnt breadcrumbs, al-Haiz once green enough to support vast tracks of cultivation, including vineyards; al-Haiz still has no telephone line and its electricity is powered by a part-time generator), enjoy the lunch there in the shade.
  • After lunch continue journey to Agabat Mountain (where you can collect sand flowers and shells) and the White Desert.
  • Camp out-doors.

Day 3: Tour the White Desert. Drive back to Cairo

  • After breakfast, drive around White desert to see mushroom-like stone fields and continue to Crystal Mountain.
  • Arrive in Bahariya oases at 1pm and after lunch take a bus from Bahariya to Cairo.
  • Arrive in Cairo at 8 pm.

Camels are optional in Agabat and Black Desert.

  • Price includes food, drinks, sleeping bags, tents, transportation.